How to Introduce Your Team to Digital Tips with Grazzy

An image showing Grazzy's digital tipping interface for customers, and the administrator dashboard for Grazzy users. An image of Grazzy's user wallet is partially shown.

Digital tips are a new element of life and work. That means it may take a little time for your team to adapt and make the most of the program. Just like a physical tip jar needs to be set out in the morning and emptied at the end of the day, digital tipping requires some employee action to make it work.

The good news is, that action is almost just as minimal as putting a tip jar on a counter. Plus, cashless tipping tools may be newer, but digital payments have been part of our lives now for decades. Getting teams familiarized with Grazzy and earning digital tips is easy.

Here is a quick guide to help you educate your team about digital tipping and answer questions they might have about Grazzy, like…

Why are we using Grazzy?

What you can say: We’re introducing digital tipping as an employee benefit designed to increase earnings. It is true that fewer of our customers carry cash today than in the past, and we want to empower them to reward your great service with digital tips when they don’t have cash.

Which teams can accept tips?

Suggested response: Our housekeeping, shuttle, front desk and food and beverage teams will all be able to receive tips through Grazzy. You’ll each be invited via text message, and you can set up your wallet on your smartphone. You may also receive tips via payroll.

How does Grazzy work?

Provide the most relevant details for your teams: Different teams may have different ways to receive tips. 

  • Housekeeping: Our housekeeping team will each leave a card in guest rooms as they leave after cleaning. QR codes will allow guests to tip housekeepers directly, or via a tip pool that we’ll allocate based on the schedule
  • Shuttle: Shuttle teams will be tipped via a pool, to avoid each driver having to replace signage in the shuttle at the beginning of their shift.
  • Front desk: A QR code will be placed on the front desk and at the building exit for guests to scan if they wish to tip the front desk team.
  • Food and beverage: The restaurant and bar teams will have QR codes placed on tables and the bar top, and tips will be pooled and allocated based on the schedule. 
A picture showing a stack of business cards with a QR code on them, which hotel guests can scan to leave a digital tip for service workers at a hotel or other business using Grazzy. The picture also features a smartphone showing the tip screen that hotel guests will see after scanning a Grazzy QR code.

When will we start earning digital tips?

Answer with: We’ve received our materials with QR codes or guest instructions, so you can begin earning tips as soon as you’re enrolled in Grazzy. A setup guide is available for admins to distribute to their teams.

Where can we get more information?

What you can say: Grazzy has a dedicated support team who can help you with setting up your Grazzy wallet, understanding the best ways to use Grazzy materials, or if you have any issues. The best way to reach them is You can also find helpful materials at

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