Grazzy for salons and spas

Higher earnings, instantly

77% of hourly employees want faster access to their wages. With Grazzy, employees can access today’s tips instantly – 24/7, 365. And we don’t stop there. Grazzy’s tipping interface has been proven to boost tips by 30%. Empower your employees with higher earnings and instant access powered by Grazzy.

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Gratitude made modern

How It Works

Flexible activation

Accept digital tips via QR code or kiosk station at the front desk. QR codes can be linked directly to an employee or display an employee directory for guests to select their service provider. All printed and digital materials are branded to fit in seamlessly with your guest experience.
flexible activation
guest tips mobile

Guests tip in 10 seconds or less

Eliminate the need for mental math at the checkout counter. Grazzy’s tip calculator automatically suggests a tip amount based on the service total. Using a QR code or kiosk, guests simply select their service professional, enter their service total, and select a percentage to tip. No app download required!

Employees receive tips instantly

Employees receive instant access to their tips - 24/7, 365. Tax reporting is handled in real-time to avoid end of year sticker shock.
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operator dashboard

Operator simplicity

Grazzy simplifies your back-end processes by delivering IRS-compliant tip reports directly to your inbox at your desired intervals. Grazzy has the ability to work with both full time and contract employees.



Digital Tipping

Transaction fees: lowest market transaction fees

Just need a way to distribute credit card tips to employees?