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Grazzy helps front line employees make more money, access it instantly, and save and spend in better ways. Digital tipping and feedback, instant payouts, tax reporting and compliance done the modern way. 

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We’re integration ready

Built for scale, Grazzy can integrate with your current systems to create a seamless experience and robust insights.

Protect your business & your team

Our platform tracks tips by employee and provides IRS tip income-compliant reporting that is available daily, weekly, bi-monthly or monthly. We ensure you and your team have accurate, digital records to keep you on-track and protected.

How It Works

fast and flexible activation

Fast and flexible activation

Grazzy’s streamlined onboarding process will have you up and running in less than 30 days. Branded QR codes fit in seamlessly with your guest experience and can be connected to a team, team member, room, floor, and more. The Grazzy interface supports multiple languages.

Guests tip in 10 seconds or less

Guests simply scan a QR code, offer quick feedback, choose tip amount, and select a payment method. Flexible payment methods include Apple Pay, Google Pay, credit card, and charge to room. No account creation or app download required.
Grazzy Fast Feedback options help teams get a full picture of why they're earning tips. This can help managers shape team culture to reinforce great service.
flexible tip distribution

Flexible tip distribution

Grazzy offers flexible disbursement options, coupled with employee-level tip reporting to include in your current payroll flow. Tips can be distributed directly to employees (instantly!) or via payroll.

Insights-driven operator dashboard

You can’t manage what you don't measure. Grazzy provides robust reporting designed specifically for property, operating group, and brand level needs.
operator dashboard

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