Grazzy for Car Washes

Increase earnings, reduce risk, modernize your operation.

Keeping cash on site puts your business and your employees at risk. Modernize your operation with digital tipping enablement and instant tip distribution.

How It Works

Grazzy allows guests to use a QR code, as shown here, or even Text2Tip to send gratuity. Hotels, car washes and other service businesses can all effectively increase employee earnings by empowering guests without cash to leave digital tips.

Fast and flexible activation

Grazzy’s onboarding process will have you up and running in less than 30 days.

QR codes are connected to a team member or team, and can be added to branded signage, business cards, receipts, and more.

A link to tip can be provided to include in your existing communications with your customers, via email or text.

Guests tip in 10 seconds or less

No account creation or app download required.

Guests simply scan a QR code or Text2Tip, then choose tip amount, and select a payment method. Flexible payment methods include Apple Pay, Google Pay, and credit card.
Start earning tips

Higher earnings, instantly

Tips are transferred directly to employee-connected bank accounts. Employees have instant access (yes, instant!) to funds.

Digital records, dynamic reporting

The Grazzy platform provides automated, digital record keeping of all tips. In addition, Grazzy provides robust reporting, allowing you to identify top earners, effective wage increase, tip trends, and more.
operator dashboard

We're a Partner.
Not a vendor

Cashless car washes are more secure, and employees can earn more, too. Most people use digital payment options more often than cash, and fewer people than ever are carrying cash with them. Car washes and their employees stand to gain immensely from adopting cashless payment methods, and digital tipping is a great start. Read more.

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