Grazzy for bars and restaurants

Offer digital tips at the speed of cash

Bank runs, cutting checks, and keeping money in safes slows down your operation, puts you at risk, and ultimately leads to a lackluster experience for all. Let Grazzy help.

Server or bartender happy about getting cashless tips instantly same day pay

Partner, not a vendor

How It Works

Lightening-fast implementation

Get up and running with Grazzy in hours. Simply invite your employees via SMS and add funds to your location wallet to get started.
grazzy dashboard screen
grazzy dashboard tips distribution

Tip out your entire team in seconds

At the end of each shift, log into Grazzy, allocate tips to each employee, and submit!

Employees receive tips instantly

Tips are transferred directly to employee-connected bank accounts. Employees have instant access (yes, instant!) to funds and receive instant transfer notifications at the end of each shift.
instant tips message employee
grazzy dashboard tips report

Accurate, digital records

Grazzy’s tip distribution platform provides automated, digital record keeping of all tip outs.



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