Cashless Car Wash: How Grazzy helped Carnation Auto Spa improve security and increase employee earnings

Carnation Auto Spa employees pose in front of a sign displaying the business name. In 2023, Carnation Auto Spa introduced Grazzy cashless tipping options and saw an overall increase in team tips.


average increase in tips


digital tips collected in first 75 days at a single location

12 days

time to value

Why make a car wash cashless?

After two separate break-ins resulting in stolen cash, Carnation Auto Spa, a Dallas-area business with 21 locations, made the decision to go cashless at its locations. 

The Carnation team wanted to reduce the risks created by holding cash on-site. But they also knew that going cashless could create friction for guests and for employees, who already saw tips dwindling as fewer customers keep cash on hand. In a competitive talent market, protecting tips is critical to keeping great employees on the team. 

Going cashless has been a topic of discussion at Carnation for a while. After seeing first-hand how risky keeping cash on site is, we knew we needed to find a cashless solution that would protect our business and employees, while also ensuring that earnings don’t suffer.

So, looking for a way to protect their business while also protecting their team’s earnings, Carnation turned to Grazzy to solve their cashless tipping challenges. They were attracted to Grazzy because of the simple tip process for guests, and to give their employees instant access to their earnings, just like they’d have with cash tips.

Getting (more) digital tips flowing.

With a clear view of the goals for digital tipping at Auto Spa locations, the Grazzy and Carnation teams set out to make the transition natural for customers and team members, starting with one test location.

The Grazzy team worked hand-in-hand with Carnation’s printing partner to make sure Grazzy materials matched existing on-site branding. Then, Grazzy and Carnation figured out strategic ways to place QR codes and text2tip signage throughout the car wash property, and made sure customers could leave tips in just a few seconds – just as easy as pulling a few bills out of their wallets.

Then, to minimize disruption to the way Carnation team members accessed their tip earnings, the program was set up to mirror the way they’d distributed cash tips: The main car wash team pooled their tips, which are allocated to each employee based on hours worked. 

Detailer teams can receive direct tips through a shared team QR code; customers can scan that QR or use text2tip to select which specific team member they’d like to tip. Those tips are then pushed directly to detailers’ Grazzy wallets, where they can withdraw instantly.

Once the teams were set up on Grazzy and customers were properly enabled with on-site signage, the tips started flowing in. 

We are thrilled with Grazzy's impact on our business. Our customers love the convenience of cashless tipping, and our employees are ecstatic about having instant access to their hard-earned tips. The implementation process was quick and easy. We were so pleased with our initial results, we quickly signed on additional locations with Grazzy.

Less cash, more tips for car wash workers.

Grazzy’s launch at the first Carnation location proved to be a resounding success. Grazzy had the first location up and running in less than 10 days. And tips began flowing through the system the first day the program was live. But that was just the start of the Grazzy magic. In their first full month leveraging Grazzy, this location recorded a substantial $2,109 in tips. The momentum only picked up, as the following month yielded $4,100+ in tips— a phenomenal 95% month-over-month increase.

After a successful launch at their first location, Carnation quickly wanted to onboard three more. Carnation properties that have launched Grazzy are showing a strong 53% average increase in daily tips. In no time, Carnation was ready to embrace Grazzy across all 21 of their locations.

This partnership has not only improved the business’s overall security, but has also strengthened their relationship with both customers and employees.

“Partnering with Grazzy has been truly transformative for us. The platform has not only boosted customer satisfaction, but also empowered our employees with instant access to their hard-earned tips. On top of that, the added security of not having cash on site is a huge plus. It’s a win-win situation that has elevated our car wash to new heights.” – Matt Snow, Area Manager, Carnation Auto Spa

Thanks to Grazzy, I now have immediate access to my tips, which has been a game-changer for me. I feel more motivated knowing that my efforts are instantly rewarded.