How digital tipping enhances the guest experience

digital tipping enhances guest experience

The hospitality industry is deeply rooted in the guest experience. For the modern traveler, hotels provide much more than just a place to lay their head, rather, hotels provide an experience that can make or break a trip. This is why general managers and hoteliers alike regard their guests experience with the utmost importance. 

From high-speed internet to smart room technology, hotels are accustomed to meeting the ever-evolving needs of travelers. Modern travelers expect convenience and ease and in many ways, hotels meet these expectations. However, there seems to be one area that the hospitality industry still approaches in an outdated way: tipping. 

In an increasingly cashless society, it’s not likely that guests will have cash on hand to leave gratuity for your employees. In fact, Grazzy’s 2022 Traveler Survey found that 83% of guests want to tip hotel employees but don’t have cash on hand to do so. This creates an awkward, double-tap-on-empty-pockets moment for your guests – over 50% of respondents said they feel embarrassed or frustrated when this happens. The survey also found that 98% of guests would use their phone to leave a digital tip if they had the option to do so. Providing a way for guests to quickly and securely tip your employees for a job well done, all while fitting seamlessly into your curated guest experience, is key.

Your guests likely make the majority of their purchases with a debit or credit card. Meet them where they’re at by enabling digital tipping.

Grazzy enables fast, safe and secure digital tipping via QR codes. All printed materials are customizable and branded to fit in harmoniously with the look and feel of your property. Guests simply scan, choose tip amount, offer quick feedback, and select a payment method – no app download required. Grazzy also provides an emailed copy of receipt to the guest, should they need to expense for business travel.

In addition to the practical benefits of digital tipping, there is also potential to foster a sense of appreciation and gratitude between guests and employees. By making it easier for guests to show their appreciation, we can create a more positive environment and boost employee morale. 

Added bonus: your employees will be happier, too.