How digital tipping supports a strong team culture

Having a tight-knit team can make any business better. In service industries, teams that work together to improve the customer experience, try new things and celebrate team wins will ultimately be rewarded with happier customers and more tips.

Digital tipping tools like Grazzy can help you cultivate a team culture of shared success. We’ve worked closely with hotels, car washes, bars and restaurants to understand the ways that cashless tips affect employee experiences. Here, we’ll share what we’ve learned about making team cultures stronger with digital tipping programs.

Digital tipping gives direct performance feedback

In service jobs, more tip earnings should translate to more satisfied team members. It’s not the only driver of job satisfaction, but in a competitive labor market, employers who can demonstrate higher pay will have an easier job of recruiting and retaining great talent.

Digital tipping can increase team tip earnings in a couple of ways. For starters, digital tipping signage can remind customers that tips are appropriate in the setting. We’ve heard from customers in several industries that after implementing Grazzy, their teams saw an increase in cash tips alongside cashless, digital tips. 

What does that say about the service? Things are great! Tips of any kind give employees immediate positive feedback that they can feel good about.

Plus, Grazzy allows guests to attach “fast feedback” notes to their tips, so if they particularly appreciated that their hotel room was clean, their car felt brand new or that the team member they worked with was extra friendly, that employee will see what earned them gratuity – reinforcing great service.

Grazzy Fast Feedback options help teams get a full picture of why they're earning tips. This can help managers shape team culture to reinforce great service.

Great team leaders should monitor tip performance and feedback provided to further recognize employees’ great work, identify ways the rest of the team can improve, and coach employees with fewer tips to higher earnings.

Some great ways to celebrate team success include announcing when an employee or team receives their first tip, creating a leaderboard for largest tip, or tracking total tips or days-in-a-row tip streaks.

Teams that earn tips make tip programs better

Looking beyond individual success with digital tips, we’ve found that teams that see tip activity with Grazzy will then take more care to enable guests with strategic placement of tipping signage. The determining factor in tip activity is not geographical or dependent on the type of business – it’s simply whether or not guests are clearly presented with the opportunity to tip.

Think of this like a snowball effect that can maximize your team’s tip earnings. As team members earn tips, the team culture around tipping gets stronger and keeps others accountable for placing program materials. Teams may even work together to run experiments with tip material placement, exercising their own control over how well the digital tipping program performs.

It’s important to note that unlike point-of-sale tipping, digital tipping programs like Grazzy enable cashless tips, but don’t interrupt customer experiences and require opting out of tips. Grazzy materials can be left in guest rooms at hotels, posted around car wash properties, placed in lobbies or posted in shuttles. All of these options help show customers that tipping is appropriate, but don’t ask them to decide on a tip before other business can be completed.

Great team cultures contribute to great customer experiences

We love hearing from our customers that Grazzy helped their teams earn more or helped them reduce turnover. But some of our favorite stories about the impact Grazzy has are the intangible impacts on team culture. 

Uncoupling gratuity from cash has opened more opportunities for positive interactions between guests and teams. Job satisfaction often has more to do with fulfillment than pay, so we know that great interactions between Grazzy users and their customers are a sign of cultural strength. 

For a real-world look at how digital tipping can translate to real-world positivity, read about one Texas hotel that transformed their guest and employee experiences with Grazzy.

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