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Grazzy Earns Approval from
All 4 Major Hotel Brands

Grazzy, the game-changing digital tipping technology, has now secured the coveted approval of all four major hotel brands: Marriott, Hyatt, Hilton, and IHG. 

Today’s service industry moves faster than ever, and competition for great talent is tight. In that environment, Grazzy has emerged as a powerful tool for increasing wages for hotel housekeepers, valets, bellhops and other service staff. We’re helping workers who rely on tips earn $1 to $2 more per hour.

Grazzy is approved to serve all franchise Marriott locations and is the preferred provider for all Hyatt, Hilton and IHG locations.

Why the major brands trust Grazzy

It’s easy to see how the potential for higher pay helps hotels recruit and retain the teams that deliver great guest experiences. But it’s important that a digital tipping system fits into that great guest experience, too.

Grazzy won the trust of Marriott, Hilton, Hyatt and IHG because we built our tipping program tools to meet the high standards of the major brands and hotel operators like Hotel Equities, Crestline, HHM, Dimension Hospitality and many more. 

Grazzy helped three of the four major hospitality brands build digital tipping programs from the ground up. Together with both brands and operators, we’ve developed insights-driven enterprise reporting that speaks directly to the results that matter most.

Plus, our experience delivering results for the biggest names in the hospitality industry make us proven leaders in seamless program roll-outs, performance optimization and the acceleration of digital tipping as a natural element of guest experiences

A picture showing a stack of business cards with a QR code on them, which hotel guests can scan to leave a digital tip for service workers at a hotel or other business using Grazzy. The picture also features a smartphone showing the tip screen that hotel guests will see after scanning a Grazzy QR code.

How we ensure digital tipping success at your hotel

We’ve learned a few key things that are reflected in the way Grazzy works:

    • Tipping must be simple, so it takes 10 seconds or less to leave a tip with Grazzy. No signups, no logins, no time wasted – tip and go.
    • Setup simplicity is the key to early success. Grazzy offers pre-approved branded guest collateral, employee self-enrollment, snackable training content, and recommended best practices based on property type. 
    • Measurement matters. Grazzy’s reporting tools help hotel leaders understand how effectively digital tipping programs are running so they can leverage proven tactics, benchmark against industry standards, and coach teams to higher tips.
    • No two hotels are identical. Which is why we’re built to support hotels of all sizes and chain scales, with a variety of worker types – from full time, to contract, and union workers – we’ve done it. 
We’re excited to continue driving higher earnings for service workers while modernizing gratuity for hotel operators as a brand-trusted provider.

If you want your teams to earn more, and want to reduce turnover at your Marriott, Hilton, Hyatt or IHG location, let us know. We’ll show you how Grazzy can make the difference you need.

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