Train new teammates for digital tipping success

Turnover is a constant challenge for hotels, restaurants, bars, salons, car washes and probably most other service businesses you can think of. Grazzy helps you recruit and keep great talent with you longer. When new teammates join, you’ll want them to understand Grazzy as well as your digital tipping veterans do.

In this article, we’ll walk through some steps you can take to make sure digital tipping is a natural part of the job as new employees come on board. And in setting up new employees for success, you’ll strengthen the ways your team can continually get value from our tools.

Let’s go!

First - be ready

New teammates always have a lot to learn in their first days and weeks, so it’s good to have a solid plan for explaining their benefits. Grazzy is an employee benefit that can increase earnings, so we’ve designed our sign up and setup processes to be quick and simple, helping your teams earn faster.

Digital payments tools are familiar enough to most employees that getting started with Grazzy should be intuitive once they navigate to the Grazzy web app. But we also provide team leaders with a self-onboarding guide and self-enrollment materials that guide new teammates to set up their account and start earning tips.

The cover page of Grazzy's self enrollment steps, which help service workers start using Grazzy digital tipping. The guide gives new teammates instruction on profile setup and bank account connection steps. Grazzy can be used as a cashless tipping solution at hotels, car washes, salons, restaurants and other service businesses.

Existing team members might also help new employees learn about Grazzy while explaining day-to-day duties. Your team should already know that proper, prominent placement of Grazzy’s QR materials means more tips for them. When onboarding a new employee, coach your team to briefly explain how digital tipping works and how they use Grazzy.

Follow up on digital tipping enablement

Making lessons stick is all about reinforcement over time. Team leaders should have a plan to check in with their teams regularly about their digital tipping program. With new teammates, managers should check in after their first and second weeks of work to make sure they’re taking advantage of Grazzy’s earnings-boosting power.

Here are the most important things you can ask your new employees about Grazzy:

Learn and improve your digital tipping program

With every new teammate and new enrollment experience, you can improve the way digital tipping works for your team.

Once onboarding is complete and new employees are settled into their roles, ask them how they found the setup process for Grazzy, and ask them whether they have any feedback on the way digital tipping fits into their daily workflow. New employees can often see more easily than your existing team how different habits affect the success of digital tipping, so they may have ideas that can further increase tips for your whole team.

Finally, take the time to check in with existing team members about their experience – was it easy to coach new employees on when and where to place digital tipping materials? Are they earning tips and feedback through Grazzy, and do they also have ideas that could help the team earn more in tips?

Setting new employees up for success and continually tracking the way digital tipping provides value will help you increase tips and increase your team’s earnings. In turn, that reduces turnover and makes it easier for you to recruit new employees who want to earn more for their work.

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