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Guest experience begins with the employee experience.

Hotel Abri Customer Story

In just the first 60 days of leveraging the Grazzy platform, Abri saw significant improvements in effective wages, team morale, and overall guest satisfaction and service scores.

Hotel Abri

$1-2 /hr

Increase in effective wages for 20% of Housekeeping team members


Organic increase in service scores


Organic increase in overall guest satisfaction scores


Hotel Abri, a MetWest Terra/HRI property, recognizes that guest experience begins with the employee experience. Like most hotel General Managers, EJ Varela knows how significantly Covid-19 impacted her property and her staff. And as travel demand has returned, she knew that she needed a modern way to ensure her staff felt rewarded and recognized for their hard work – both financially and emotionally.

Looking to enhance the employee experience,
Hotel Abri turned to Grazzy.

Grazzy provided Hotel Abri and the team with an effective and simple implementation to the cashless tip question we had been looking for during the past 2 yrs. of the pandemic aftermath.

EJ Varela
General Manager, Hotel Abri


In a matter of days, Grazzy was up and running to allow guests to tip digitally and leave in-the-moment positive feedback for team members. Grazzy enabled room-based QR codes for housekeeping staff to ensure the housekeeper that cleaned the room that day received the tip and the positive feedback. Teams that work closely together, like front desk and meeting staff were able to pool tips via group QR codes placed at strategic points throughout the property.

Hotel Abri also opted for Grazzy Direct Payouts, which allows staff to access the tips they made that day instantly. This was a big win for many team members who would otherwise need to wait two weeks for their earnings.

And finally, Grazzy ensured that Hotel Abri’s back-office was covered by providing the proper reporting for tax compliance and record-keeping.

Being a GM post-COVID, is very different from pre-COVID… We need our employees to know that we are there for them and taking care of them.

EJ Varela
General Manager, Hotel Abri

Custom-branded materials educate guests on tipping etiquette, allowing guests without cash on hand to show appreciation, and ultimately unlock more earnings for staff, all while seamlessly fitting into the Hotel Abri guest experience. When asked about the implementation process, EJ shared, “Grazzy’s cashless tipping solution was easy to implement, and their toolbox is well thought out. Great support team, we really loved how easy it was to bring it up to live from set up, functionality and reporting – All-in-One.”



In just the first 60 days of leveraging the Grazzy platform, Abri has seen significant improvements in effective wages. In fact, ~20% of the Housekeeping team saw a $1-2 increase in their effective hourly wages.

Along with these digital tips came positive guest feedback. EJ leveraged positive feedback with her staff by creating celebratory moments where teams can come together cross-discipline to acknowledge and appreciate a job well done, boosting morale.

Enhancing the employee experience at Hotel Abri proved to positively impact the guest experience, as well. Since implementing Grazzy, Abri has seen a 20% organic increase in service scores and a 13% increase in overall guest satisfaction scores – a true win across the organization.

Grazzy is an exceptional tool and partner for our team members, but also for our guests. At the same time our team depends on us to guide them and provide them with benefits, our guests are changing and shifting expectations towards new and elevated experiences, human connections and social impact. All of these areas are covered and is what Grazzy is bringing to the table, changing the game.

EJ Varela
General Manager, Hotel Abri
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Hotel Abri

Hotel Abri Customer Story

Hotel Abri

Located in the heart of San Francisco, Hotel Abri is a modern, urban oasis. Frequented by business travelers and tourists alike, the hotel serves as a home-away-from-home for many. In search of a tool to empower and motivate employees, Hotel Abri partnered with Grazzy. In just the first 60 days of leveraging the Grazzy platform, Abri saw significant improvements in effective wages, team morale, and overall guest satisfaction and service scores.
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