Grazzy cashless digital tipping on mobile with no app required

Tip in 10 seconds or less

Travelers simply scan a QR code on property, choose tip amount, offer quick feedback, and select a payment method. No app required, making the experience simple and fast.

Guests see individual team member profiles with a hotel branded interface. All tips and feedback are connected directly to that team member or team, depending on your preference

Create a seamless, branded experience that delights

Our technology, your brand. We create branded assets to help bring the program to life on your property. And we make sure you can customize your program in ways that work best for you.

  • • physical and digital touchpoints toolkit
  • • end-to-end branded experience for your guests
  • • personalized profiles for every team member
  • • customizable team configurations
QR code for hotel or salon guests to tip.

Pay better. Instantly.

Why should front line employees have to wait days for the tips they earn today? We offer direct payouts that give team members the money they need today… instantly! 30 minutes or less, 365 days a year.
Instant same day pay for hotel worker
Hotel Housekeeper happy about cashless tips


Over 50% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck. Increased earnings through digital tipping, combined with access to that extra money instantly can significantly relieve the daily struggle.

Employees simply connect their Grazzy wallet to a debit card and transfer tip earnings the moment they need access.

Food and Beverage

Cash constraints are forcing bars and restaurants to delay paying their team the same day in favor of weekly or bi-weekly tip payouts.

Bank runs, cutting checks or keeping money in safes slows down your operation, puts you at risk, and ultimately leads to a lackluster experience for all. Grazzy allows F&B staff to connect their debit card to our platform and access the tips they earned today instantly.

Instant same day pay for bar or restaurant worker
Server or bartender happy about instant tip out and same day pay
IRS reporting and compliance form

Protect your business & your team

Our platform tracks tips by employee and provides IRS tip income-compliant reporting that is available daily, weekly, bi-monthly or monthly. We ensure you and your team have accurate, digital records to keep you on-track and protected.

A platform built for you.

Ugly dashboard
More earnings, better retention Grazzy dashboard