2023 Hotel Trend Predictions

As the saying goes, the only constant is change. In the wake of the pandemic, travel is on the rise and hotels are looking for modern approaches to meet the ever-changing needs and expectations of travelers. If you’re looking to stay ahead of the curve, read on for our top 5 hotel trend predictions for 2023. 


1. Business travel is making a comeback

Like the Patriots in the 2017 Super Bowl, business travel is making a comeback. According to a recent GBTA industry poll, 86% of companies across the world are allowing domestic business travel and 69% of companies surveyed plan to resume business travel within the next 1-3 months. 

Hotels should expect to leverage amenities like fast WiFi, private working areas and conference rooms, and loyalty programs to attract business travelers in 2023. In addition, ensuring your guests can easily expense their costs with digital receipts for things like in-the-moment gratuities. (hint: Grazzy can help with that!)

2. Work-from-anywhere

Remote working has become the new norm as companies such as LinkedIn and Dropbox have implemented remote work policies. The now common practice of working from home is shifting towards working from anywhere as remote workers begin to blend work with leisure travel.

Hotels should prepare to accommodate the working nomad with high-speed wifi available throughout the property and modern co-working spaces.

3. Wellness Tourism

The topic of mental health and wellbeing continues to gain traction. Not only are travelers expecting to keep up with their wellness practices while away, they are actively seeking out travel experiences that can advance their wellbeing. The Global Wellness Institute (GWI) forecasts wellness tourism annual growth rate at 21% from 2020-2025. They also predict that wellness travel will surpass all other categories of the entire wellness economy.

Hotel operators can prepare for this new wave of wellness travelers by providing in-room fitness devices, on-site fitness classes, and expanded spa offerings with an emphasis on mindful and meditative activities.

4. Personalized guest experiences

Personalization in hotels has come a long way from offering a wake up call and a morning newspaper. While not new, we expect the level of personalization to take on a new meaning in 2023. In order to provide a hyper-personalized experience, take a look at your guest experience as a whole. Consider how your brand interacts with guests not only during their stay, but before they check in and after they check out.

A personalized experience can be as simple as asking a guest what their room temperature preferences are before check in or as sophisticated as hyper-personalized marketing emails. The bottom line: personalization leads to an enhanced guest experience.

5. Cashless Tipping

If you’re not implementing a cashless tipping solution in 2023, you’re falling behind. Grazzy’s 2022 Traveler Survey found that 83% of guests regularly want to tip, but don’t have cash on hand to do so – 50% of guests said they feel embarrassed or frustrated when this happens. In an increasingly cashless society, your staff are getting left behind and your guests are put in an awkward position.

The Grazzy platform enables digital tipping and same-day payouts. Hotel guests can easily and securely tip digitally, hourly employees have instant access to more money, and hotel operators see improvements in attrition and have an easier time recruiting talent. A win-win-win.