A payments platform built for hospitality.

Grazzy helps front line employees make more money, access it instantly (yup, instantly!), and save and spend in better ways. 

Digital tipping and feedback, instant payouts, tax reporting and compliance done the modern way.

Increase earnings
Hotel Housekeeper happy about cashless tips
Attract and retain talent
General Manager happy about improved retention and turnover
Instant, digital tips
Server or bartender happy about instant tip out and same day pay
Dashboard showing 30% increase in retention for hotel and restaurant employees

Unlock cash constrained wages

Over 80% of hotel guests regularly want to tip, but don’t have cash on hand to do so. Housekeepers, valet, bellhop and more are being left behind in an increasingly cashless economy. Grazzy offers a secure digital tipping and feedback solution that requires no app to download.

By removing the friction to tip, we can unlock 20% increases in effective wages, leading to significant improvements in retention.

Offer digital tips at the speed of cash

Asking your team to wait days or even weeks to receive the tips they’ve earned today sucks.

Whether you’re a restaurant that doesn’t want the hassle of daily bank runs or risk keeping cash in a safe to payout daily tips; or a hotel in search of a low-cost solution to increase wages for your staff, Grazzy’s instant payouts
offer same-day access to tips.

“Server or bartender happy about getting cashless tips instantly same day pay

Enjoy support and security
you can trust


Enterprise-Level Controls

Ready When You Need It Support

“Grazzy has created a positive impact with our team - increasing the engagement and morale, a huge win for the property!”

EJ Varela, Hotel Abri Metwest Terra Hospitality, San Francisco, CA
Paycom ADP Oracle Hospitality Fosse

Keep the systems
you love

Grazzy is built to deliver simplicity from day one. No need to rip out your entire PMS or HMS system, we work alongside them. Custom reports are delivered to ensure you’ve got what you need, when you need it.

Investing in your team makes cents

Without Grazzy
(The Status Quo)
With Grazzy
Hotel Rooms
As much as $2/room daily goes untipped
Daily tippable employees avg.
New earnings per employee / month (avg)
Employee earnings @$15/hr / month
Effective wage increase per employee
Avg employee longevity at effective earnings
Full cost to replace emp (10% of yearly wages)
# of employees to replace given attrition rates
Estimated 2022 attrition cost
Annual Recruiting and retention savings
Grazzy platform cost per month
Hotel ROI
~7 months
$12,000/ mo
~13 months
8x -10x

What are you waiting for?

Dashboard showing cashless tipping digital tipping and instant payouts same day pay