Let’s make it easier to say thank you.

We’ve removed the friction to seamlessly enable digital tipping and feedback. With no-app required and flexible digital payment methods travelers can say thank you in less than 10 seconds.

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87% of travelers

say they have wanted to tip but don't have cash

60% of travelers

feel embarrassed or frustrated when they can't tip

Let’s increase compensation without increasing cost.

Increased earnings driven by tip enablement, not fees and crushing P&L costs

Powerful tool for recruiting and retaining valuable talent

Data-driven approach to maximize earnings

Let’s deliver
delightful experiences.

Great customer experiences drive loyalty. Incentivize those moments that matter and get real-time visibility into who’s delivering them.

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Recent Interactions

Jazmin was tipped $5
Room was clean. Water was well stocked.

Jeff was tipped $10
“Quick service, thanks jeff”

Maria was tipped $5

Gratitude, Simplified.

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on Your Own Time

Everyone Wins! Repeat as Necessary.